New era of goalie gear

The new AXIS goalie line is a full-on revolution. Inspired by modern goaltending techniques, AXIS was designed for goalies who want lightweight gear built for a powerful rebound. This is what lightweight power looks like.

All-new Axis Pad

D3O® Smart Material

AXIS pads

Max rebound+ technology

Incredibly responsive foam built into the face of the pad for extremely powerful rebounds.

L1texcore technology

Lightweight core construction with a pre-curved shape for strength, structural integrity and maximum coverage in your butterfly.

Molded calf stabilizer

Dual-density molded construction features a raised flat inner gusset for a better seal with the ice and powerful cross-crease movements.

Customize your equipment

Create your own Axis set with the unique look, fit and feel of custom colors and specs

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Gloves & Blockers

Molded Foam

Maximum flexibiltiy and enhanced range of motion

D3O® Smart Material

Low profile and high performance impact protection



The most powerful rebounds

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